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Project Cases

In order to meet the different requirements for the performance of rice milling equipment users, advantages of Beida machinery at home and abroad to absorb the milling equipment, combined with the actual situation of the users of rice raw materials, the development of different types of international configuration of the complete set of rice milling equipment, using large-scale industrialized production and strict quality control procedures, to help users get high performance milling sets of equipment and installation the team consists of professional engineering machinery design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training and supervision for users and other one-stop service. The complete sets of mechanical engineering equipment is according to the customer characteristics of rice, rice processing machinery the essence, integrated professional technology design, manufacturing with international advanced level of integration of mechanical and electrical equipment advanced, complete sets of engineering equipment from the rice intensive cleaning, drying, temperature cycle, husking paddy separating rice husked multistage negative pressure roller cool white, natural ventilation two meters, each rice grading selection, multi-stage spray polishing, multi color selection, measurement, automatic packaging and plastic finishing equipment automatic control, workshop production management systems, both independent and interrelated, perfect production technology, advanced rice, high yield rate, low noise, production site less dust, equipment, scientific and reasonable configuration, high automation, stable performance, safe and reliable operation, the operation is very simple.


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