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The situation of grain processing machinery


    The change and development of the manufacturing industry of grain processing machinery in China embodies the historical process of the transition from planned economy to socialistic market economy. Under the planned economic system, China's grain processing machinery manufacturing industry is guided by the national plan. At that time the main grain factory domestic emphasis, grain grain factory subordinate clear division of labor. The planned economy has made a deep historical mark on our country's grain processing machinery manufacturing industry, so that most grain processing machinery manufacturing enterprises have a single product and complete set of capabilities, with a small scale, scattered technology, weak development capacity and low efficiency. In the past few decades, the development of the manufacturing industry of grain processing machinery in China has gone through three stages:
    (1) in 70s, the organization of the Ministry of food grain milling equipment nationwide selected type of work. Through this work, the level of rice milling machinery in China has been greatly improved. At that time, it had become one of the advanced ranks of the world and was in the leading position in Southeast Asia. Advanced technology of hulling machine technology in China is still in the world of similar products.
    (2) from the beginning in the middle of 80s, China has introduced hundreds of foreign advanced flour, rice, feed and other complete sets of processing equipment and technology, absorb the research work through nearly ten years of digestion, improve the manufacturing level of China's food processing machinery, to reduce China's food processing machinery and the international advanced level. However, restricted by the time and condition of the system, food processing machinery and equipment of the digestion and absorption of work is mainly borne by the original manufacturer, scattered strength, lack of domestic equipment and large-scale production considerations, the food processing machinery manufacturing industry in our country has lost a good opportunity for industry consolidation, scale development. Fortunately, the rice processing machinery field of feed processing machinery manufacturing, also appeared in the complete sets of equipment and technology manufacturers - Jiangsu shepherd group, Jiangsu, Hunan Zhengchang group Chenzhou food factory, Zhejiang Zhuji food factory, became the first to master the complete sets of equipment and technology of food processing machinery manufacturing enterprises. These enterprises have shown the advantages and characteristics of technical level, equipment quality and after-sales service to their counterparts throughout the country.
    (3) with the deepening of the national reform and opening up, the manufacturing industry of grain processing machinery is gradually moving towards the market like other machinery industries. Especially since the reform of government organization in 1998, the management of grain processing has been liberalized. Many state grain processing machinery factories under the planned economy system have been in a predicament because they can not adapt to the new market economic system. After the reform of state-owned enterprises, most of them have been contracted by management or sold as a whole, and they have become a variety of factories, such as collective, individual and shareholding system. By virtue of their decades old plant human resources, technical strength and brand accumulation, private enterprises with flexible mechanism, some enterprising private factory leaders focus on scientific research and scientific research institutes, spend lots of money to introduce advanced mechanical processing equipment, improve the manufacturing quality of food processing machinery, and gradually to the complete sets of large-scale. Business development, and pay attention to build brands, improve the competitiveness of their own.